Fox Lake IL Gaming Laws

As early as 2009, 3 years before Fox Lake adopted the 230 ILCS 40 (code for the new video gaming laws), Ed Bender, the then Fox Lake Mayor had seen both sides of the coin regarding the video gaming act. If enacted, he said it might bring the town a […]

Review On Zaful

Alma L. Figueroa

Zaful is an online shopping store that many people are raving about. In the last few months I have had multiple people tell me the best place to buy the trendiest bathing suits are through Zaful. Personally, I have a hard time shopping online for bathing suits but I gave […]

World’s Top 10 Textile Companies

Clothing and fashion are the basic human needs irrespective of the sporadic changes in the technologies happening all the time. The fashion has changed a lot over the last few decades. All across the world, there are thousands of companies and brands that work day and night to bring the […]

NYC Parking Tickets Are All Over the News

For immediate release More parking tickets are being issued than ever – why??? It’s been all over the news – Fox 5’s John Deutzman’s story revealed that parking tickets are being issued with false addresses. If these addresss really existed, they’d be blocks into the Atlantic Ocean. ABC’s Nina Pineda […]

Berry Good News – A Promising Cancer Cure

If you haven’t yet read about the news on blackberries, I’m sure in short time, you will. The black raspberry is proving itself to be an even bigger anti-inflammatory agent than the long attested blueberry. Scientists from Ohio State and Kentucky Universities jointly conducted a study on 20 patients with […]