Opel Crossland 2022 review: ‘Generocity’

Opel Crossland has a dual existence as a modest van and a compact crossover. For individuals who aren’t actually hunting for experience-ready family carts, the Crossland offers a good-wanting and reasonably roomy car with quite a few useful premium characteristics as typical. UPSIDE: Extraordinary seems to be and cabin substance, […]

Trios – Delightful and Disappointing

I had a bit of a brain hiccup recently that prompted me to think of cars I’ve driven that disappointed me and immediately thought of three cars. These are not necessarily cars I loathe, rather these were automotive disappointments, the act of driving them didn’t match the expectation. And rather […]

Bentley’s first EV pushed back a year to 2026

Bentley would not launch its very first electric automobile until finally 2026, a 12 months afterwards than at first planned, according to the brand’s CEO. In an interview with Automotive News (subscription necessary) printed on Wednesday, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark claimed the EV has been delayed, but failed to deliver […]