5 Fun Activities That Take Place Frequently In Luxury Old Age Homes in Kerala

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Are you getting bored in your golden senior years? Is the same monotonous pattern of activities repeating itself in your life, making you feel as if there is no more excitement left for you to enjoy?

If that is the case, then it is entirely wrong. Age is simply a number. In reality, your senior years are the moments when you may truly live your life in your signature style – free of pressure and anxiety.

That’s when your work life is stress-free, and you can devote your entire day to relaxation, enjoyment, and self-care. Most of those present in the list of old age homes in Kerala nowadays assist their inhabitants in living an exciting life by organizing fascinating events daily.

So, in this article, we will tell you how the old age homes in Kochi are planning fun activities for the residents.

Top 5 fun activities for seniors in luxury old age homes in Kochi

If, after retirement, you are looking for a comfortable life without any worries, you need to stay at one of the luxury paid retirement homes in Kerala. These are endowed with exceptional amenities that make your life full of joy and peace and can help you increase your happy hormone levels, which tend to decrease with age! 

Let’s look at what the list of old age homes in Kerala operated by the Travancore Foundation offers. 

Let’s work it out!

One of the most popular and enjoyable activities that can be found in the list of old age homes in Kerala is the various styles of exercise and workout routines. As a result, the residents stay healthy and can enjoy the companionship of the other seniors at the old age homes in Kochi.

Seniors are frequently encouraged to go for walks on their campuses, join the exercise sessions, or sign up for swimming lessons. Yoga, senior aerobics, and other heart-pumping and strength-building choices are growing increasingly popular.

One of the most fun activities that double up as physical exercise is the ‘laughing club’ sessions! Here, people laugh with their hearts out joyfully, making loud sounds and vigorously moving their bodies in a funny way!

Some luxurious old age homes in Kochi, operated by the Travancore Foundation, maintain well-developed exercise and meditation rooms for residents. Those rooms are equipped adequately for practice and even have meditating music playing in the background to create a calm atmosphere for them.

Engage yourself in Volunteering 

For some people, fun equals charity, help, and benevolence. There are various ways to get involved in your life for a good cause. Take part in a food drive, a toy drive, a fundraising event, or any philanthropic event. Volunteering is a fantastic method to avoid or overcome emotions of worthlessness during this stage of life.

The old age homes in Kottayam organise many fundraising activities and invite the residents to help out. In this way, you will meet new people and establish your own social life. You will be able to find a new meaning in your lives.

The most effective way to volunteer is to use one’s natural talents to help someone else in need. Maybe it’s cooking for a shelter, knitting or sewing for the less fortunate, visiting the sick, or organising a fundraiser. This could be as simple as wrapping presents.

Furthermore, there is a different amusement disguised in organising these fundraising functions. These are essential to a sense of well-being, participation, smile, and a feeling of achievement and success. Everyone shares in the delight of involvement.

Learning new skills in a fun way

Learning should never stop for anyone, regardless of their age. When you learn something new, you unlock a new facet of your potential, allowing you to grow and thrive as a person. Nowadays, old age homes in Kottayam strongly emphasise assisting residents in improving their abilities. They provide enjoyable seminars and activities to encourage them in learning new skills quickly and pleasantly. 

There is frequent dance and singing workshops or learning programs to educate locals on how to play a variety of instruments. It may be learning how to do handcrafts or how to knit a sweater for your grandchildren, or it could be something scholarly. Acquiring the talent to speak new languages can also be quite impressive.

These creative, leisurely hobbies are excellent for people of all ages, and they frequently make fantastic geriatric pastimes. In this manner, you’ll constantly have something new to discover in your life, and you’ll feel relieved and comfortable the whole time.

Travel and explore

There are many fantastic possibilities, but travelling and chilling out will always be the greatest. You may not be a child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun, excitement, exploration, and social connection by going on field excursions. 

Old age homes in Kottayam increasingly organise exciting field trips for their inhabitants. They ensure that the residents enjoy what a perfect holiday entails. Getting outside to spend some time in nature is both calming and mood-lifting. Even if you can only walk to the porch or sit next to a large window due to the restricted movement, getting some fresh air or observing the environment is a terrific everyday exercise. 

Sometimes, certain enjoyable games, such as badminton competitions or UNO games, are also planned for the seniors during these vacations.

Self Care – pampering is fun!

Prioritising self-care has no age limit! Now, the old age homes organise special days for residents to enjoy a professional haircut or style, manicure or pedicure, or skin treatment. 

These services can raise one’s attitude and create confidence. Some senior living homes provide residents with services such as spas and jacuzzi. There are specific massage areas in the opulent centres, and thus, people may take advantage of these services whenever they choose.

This is an excellent chance for the elderly in your life to be pampered and cared for. As a teenage girl considers spending a day at the parlour and spa a fun activity, an old woman from any luxury old age homes in Kottayam also does the same! If the activity has fun at its core, then age is just a number!


Being responsible for part of the work at the old age home may feel stressful, but it provides a feeling of purpose. It’s a lot of joy to work on a project with someone else. It gives you confidence and a sense of freedom.

This is where a list of old age homes in Kerala, such as those operated by the Travancore Foundation, excels. Moreover, these fun activity arrangements are also planned in a fascinating method to encourage engagement and socialise among the residents. So, stay happy and do all the fun you deserve.

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