Can Angle Grinders Cut Wood? All You Need to Know

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Angle grinders are adaptable equipment that is useful for many different tasks. Knowing how to use an angle grinder for woodworking might be helpful when working around the house or in your workshop. Studying how to use an angle grinder properly can enable you to save time and cash whether you need to fix some upholstery, have a private business, or need to perform maintenance. In order for you to utilize this instrument for cutting wood effectively, we are going to give you a brief overview of it.

A versatile power-cutting instrument is the angle grinder. This indicates that the power tool can practically chop any substance, including steel, cement, and timber. You must make sure that the blade you employ is the exact fit for the job, as well as the angle grinder you purchase or hire is also the appropriate size. Despite being versatile, angle grinders come in various sizes. Angle grinder capacity increases as angle grinder size increases because a larger disc is needed.

Simply put, a large angle grinder is best for chopping up massive hardwood logs and boards. A smaller, more powerful angle grinder is better suited for cutting up medium-sized wooden materials. Hence it is important to buy it from the best dealers like Dhanjal Mechanical. They have a vast range of angle grinders as well as circular saw machine you can click here to learn more about them. 

In any case, let’s start by discussing the possibility that wood can be cut with a normal blade. You should avoid making this error, which is one that many newer users commit. A standard blade will cut, but safety isn’t good enough. The grinder can elevate and blow off the surface you’re operating on if something goes horribly wrong. You could suffer extremely significant injuries at high revolution rates. Hence, to assist reduce the danger of a mishap and keep your project appearing smooth and exact, you should seek one of the woodcutting blades described below rather than opting to use a regular blade. The best solution for both softer and hardwoods however is an angle grinder wood sculpting blade. In addition to having the necessary sturdiness for wood, it is also the proper structure and layout to undertake woodcutting tasks without any issues. You should search for possibilities like this one that are made for the position you want, as well as others like it. It is an excellent alternative because it can cut materials like lumber, plywood, MDF, and others. 

Let’s now address the most common question that is often asked by many and also the center of attraction of this blog.

Can Angle Grinders Cut Wood?

A grinder’s angle allows you to slice wood. Angle grinders have a razor-sharp, rotating blade that can slash through many materials, including wood. There are a handful of things, though, you ought to be mindful of. Angle grinders could only cut through small portions of wood when their edge shields get in the way, so they can’t be used to chop through one massive chunk of wood. Grinders emit a substantial amount of heat, and timber is combustible. The ease with which the wood can be sliced through will limit your ability to exert control. Because of this, it is incredibly simple to slip and harm oneself or another object. When you stop using a grinder, it doesn’t immediately stop spinning, which could cause harm if you aren’t careful. If you aren’t very careful when utilizing them, grinders might cause damage because they don’t immediately cease spinning when you avoid interacting with them.

We know now that angle grinders are pros when it comes to wood cutting, but besides wood, what else can it cut? Angle grinders really shine when used for purposes more than just woodworking. The majority of the time, they are used to cut and grind metal. We connect wood along with glue and a moist washcloth can eliminate excess pressure. Welds, which cannot be removed with a paper towel, are used to unite metal. Welds between components are cleaned with an angle grinder equipped with a grinding wheel. In order to achieve a smoother experience, it also cleanses the joining surfaces. Angle grinders come in quite handy while working with masonry. Tile and stone are insurmountable when used with a grinder’s stone disc. Several blades can cut glazed and porcelain tiles as well as granite, porcelain, masonry, and cement. These discs are capable of breaking through the most challenging brickwork projects thanks to diamonds incorporated in their slicing rims. Apart from cutting, angle grinders can also be employed on wood. In situations where a chopping blade might be too severe, polishing discs can quickly cover blemishes. Paint and corrosion are quickly removed from both metal and wood surfaces using steel rollers and peeling wheels.

Although buffing discs are available for vehicle usage, we are reluctant to suggest them because using the incorrect speed or disc will quickly destroy your paint job. A buffer made especially for colored vehicle components rotates at a significantly lesser speed, protecting the paint from damage. Angle grinders, however, like to hang out in the vehicle’s or truck’s substructure. You can always use an angle grinder to convince rusted bolts that won’t compromise with an experienced operator. An angle grinder makes it simple to restore the original sharpness of lawn tools like shovels and mower blades. Your mower can resume cutting the grass once again with a metal sharpening disc as opposed to bashing it into extinction with a worn blade. 

However, it will indeed be fun work to combine both the angle grinder and a circular wood saw while working.

How Safe It Is To Cut Woods With A Grinder?

For a variety of reasons, using an angle grinder to chop wood is not exceptionally safe. Due to the heat generated by grinders and the flammability of wood, there are two risks hence we suggest you do this with caution. The absence of control is the second factor. Even a minor change in your angle will force you to deviate off track and possibly injure yourself since this grinder will rapidly and easily cut through into the wood. Although using the proper blade will lessen your chance of getting hurt, you must still exercise extreme caution. 


It’s not advisable to use an angle grinder to cut wood, specifically considering that there are other, more suitable instruments available. But if all you have is an angle grinder, then you’ll have to take on the higher amount of risk that comes with this endeavor. Hence, take the appropriate safeguards and make absolutely sure that you are doing all steps necessary to maintain your safety when working with the angle grinder. You need to also buy the best angle grinder for that. As we have mentioned earlier you can check out the website of Dhanjal Mechanical, not only do they have angle grinders but also Table Saw Machine and many other products including circular saw cutting tables.

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