Charter Spectrum Helped People in Staying Connected During Pandemic

Alma L. Figueroa

Broadband connections and today’s life go hand in hand; if you have a good relationship, you are good to perform all your tasks. However, the pandemic has also increased the demand for internet connections because this new normal is all about ‘experiencing online lifestyle.’

At this point, we cannot resist saying that telecommunication brands have played a massive role in assisting customers and keeping the world connected. In the situation where people faced challenges to stay in touch even with their family members, there were these internet connections that helped in staying in touch with each other. 

In a nutshell, we can say that telecommunication services have become a necessity in this new standard, and it isn’t easy to spend life without these services. In between all this chaos, a reputed brand of telecommunication, Charter Spectrum, caught everyone’s attention by providing exceptional services throughout the pandemic. 

Free Internet by Charter Spectrum 

Reports showed that Spectrum offered free internet services to ease the strain for everyone; families, teachers, and people who were unable to get better quality internet services. The practice was done for consecutive 60 days, which is the point where customers couldn’t resist saying, ‘not all heroes wear capes.  

Services were provided in markets. The offer included satellite broadband and TV, free access to the internet of Spectrum that too at a speed of up to 200 Mbps. Also, an in-home WiFi facility was offered, a self-installation kit for many households with K-12, and college students/ educators who did not have a subscription to the internet. For all those people, Spectrum came one step ahead and offered free-of-cost internet services. 

Spectrum Is Committed to Bring Solutions 

To enhance broadband access: The brand claimed to expand its connection to more than 1.5 million by assisting many households and businesses. The telecommunication brand is willing to bring solutions for people who are missing the most significant chunk. 

To provide high-speed internet at lower prices: Getting high-quality, hands-on internet without paying high sounds impossible until people get their hands on the offers of Spectrum. The brand is providing industry-leading less effective broadband assistance for all customers. 

To increase adoption and access to technology: Spectrum provides philanthropic assistance to community organizations and has the twofold yearly assurance to Spectrum Digital Education Grant Program that offers digital education, technology labs, computers throughout the country. 

Today, connectivity plays a significant role than ever; 95,000 employees of Charter all through the 41 states worked hard to reach the growing demand for connectivity. So far, the brand has done the following activities: 

• Connected almost 450,000 understudies, educators, and their families to up to 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps broadband assistance for 60 days at no expense 

• Kept around 700,000 clients connected when they struggled to cover bills due to COVID-related monetary difficulties. 

• Forgiven around $85 million in clients’ past due balances. 

• Given minimum wage workers a significant $1.50 wage expansion in February and reported that we would be raising the lowest pay permitted by law from $15 to $20 each hour for all workers, which will be completed in 2022.

As the pandemic made it impossible to stay connected with others, Spectrum expanded its services and improved its relations with hospitals, government schools, hospitals, and other institutions. Through quick-tracking installation and as well as from directly acknowledging the needs of communities, Spectrum assisted customers with best-ever services. 

Connecting Students and Teachers to Assist with Distance Learning 

Since all schools throughout the country started their transition for remote learning in March, the brand instantly took a step ahead for learners, families, and faculty. Moreover, the brand also committed to providing Spectrum internet up to 100 Mbps that too free of cost. This counts on in-home WiFi and a self-installation set for household brand provided K-12, and right at the end of 2019-2020, Spectrum supported around 450,000 learners and teachers. 

For example, in Central Florida, Spectrum supported a school district that worked on identifying all of the available public WiFi hotspots within the country. Moreover, this also helped locate the nearest public WiFi hotspots inside their homes so that learners could easily access them. In line with this, Spectrum also instantly worked on upgrading the community college system within Maine from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps throughout the seven locations of schools. Moreover, it also helped support students who moved to online learning and took steps for remote work. 

Since the new school started, Spectrum’s team started working on an innovative solution to assist more households to stay connected. The telecommunication brand also launched a new Stay Connected K-12 program that worked directly in the districts of schools, all through the footprint to provide high-speed access of internet on broadband and staff within their households. This partnership overall helped in assuring, teaching, assisting, and working.  

Small Businesses: The Center of the Economy

Each day, Spectrum serves many small businesses while the staff members of the brands are highly committed to delivering the highest reliability and best network performance. Moreover, this also assisted in staying connected with the customers and also to suppliers. 

Independent companies are the backbone of the U.S. economy, making 66% of net new positions and representing 44% of our financial activities. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the independent companies of small towns exceptionally hard and constrained many to close their doors. To assist with quality services, Charter found ways to assist stores and other retailers. The brand offered one month of free help, giving concessions on the internet equipment, suspending fees, and not charging late expenses or ending administration for private or independent venture clients.

Supporting Health Heroes Crosswise the Country

The health care sector indeed confronted a never-ending struggle; hence, to assure that Spectrum is playing a supporting role, the brand served as a frontline professional. Importantly, it worked on increasing the demand for telehealth services and in-person care to allocate strains. Moreover, in many instances, it demanded overall rapid installation. 

When New York was marked as a nation’s first hotspot, Spectrum, as a reputed brand, helped improve the connectivity for users throughout the state. For instance, within few days, the brand’s workers ultimately set an emergency COVID-19 healthcare platform and attached a 1 Gbps connection to help healthcare professionals. Moreover, the installation of new internet services in New York City was also performed by the Spectrum experts. 

Experts of Spectrum were as quick and hyperactive as others were. Assisting in healthcare problems was maybe impossible for the telecommunication company professionals, but helping them overcome the issues is all Spectrum’s employees did from upgrading hospital connections of 500 Mbps to 2Gbps that too within one week. This overall helped and supported small clinics and also hospitals where Spectrum provided the services. 

The brand covered Hawaii to New York City and all through in between. In contrast, Charter worked consistently to install high-tech connectivity services and upgrade broadband for those who are willing to provide critical health assistance. At the same time, the internet connection Spectrum provided helped healthcare professionals manage the influx of COVID-19 patients, which works on meeting the demand for the services of telehealth and track resources throughout the region. 

Powering and Connecting Local Governments 

Even though the pandemic created many barriers for everyone, local government offices, departments, and agencies tried their best to assist customers. Along with several local governments that transitioned to remote work, it was essential and assured that employees were in direct connection while being capable enough to perform vital functions. However, to manage this increased reliance on connectivity, many cities received massive bandwidth upgrades to assure that their workers could work remotely. 

Securing Workforce of Charter 

It was not possible without the workforce of Charter, who worked day and night to help people in the troubling times of COVID-19. In April, the brand announced a plan of action that focused on increasing the wage of Spectrum Charter’s employees. Afterward, immediately the salaries of employees were increased; this counted for all workers of frontline field operations and workers of customer care services. 


In a nutshell, it can be said that employees of Spectrum are consistently stepping up, and it is safe to say that the workforce of Spectrum essentially serves as their backbone. Each day, Charter and its teams work hard to do communities the best they can and contribute equally to social services. Moreover, a crew of Spectrum and company policies will help the brand grow and sow more seeds of success. 

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