Forced Compliance

Alma L. Figueroa

The latest decree coming out of Washington should send warning signals all across the nation. There are very disturbing signs and indications that the Covid-19 vaccine rollout could very well be a horrendous disaster. If these forced mandates of this covid-19 experimental drug by government, sanctioned by the CDC, endorsed by many businesses, hyped by the media, and encouraged by many of the public continues would constitute a crime against humanity. All because they are now knowing full well that thousands have already died or suffered debilitating illnesses after being recipients of this experimental vaccine. Therefore, they are either complicit in violating federal law or are involved in one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in history.

The biggest question is why this overwhelming emphasis and forced compliance in a mandate of vaccinations with this experimental drug that has already killed thousands? This when other vaccines in the past when deaths occurred following inoculations those vaccines were suspended outright.

The obvious answer is money, power and control. The billions of dollars to Big Pharma, control by government over their population and the power that comes when government controls their populations. It wasn’t that long ago that history witnessed a global catastrophe very much like what is happening today. We are on the verge of what Nazi Germany did from 1934-1945. Will history repeat? We had better not hope so. But, all indications from what is actually transpiring today tyranny is on it’s way to be embedded in our national consciousness.

If these mandates are allowed to continue in light of the increasing adverse side effects and deaths attributed to this mRNA technology vaccine means the United States has suspended the rule of law by sacrificing the health and safety of the public. The rule of law because forced mandates are in direct violation of Federal law
concerning the requirement to be inoculated with an experimental drug. Contrary to what many have thought mRNA technology for Covid-19 is an experimental vaccine.

Today, even though the FDA has granted emergency use authorization for Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology for use in their vaccine for Covid-19 it will take at least two years before the FDA will approve this experimental vaccine for license. It take at least two ye to fully collect the data and information to establish if this mRNA technology in this vaccine is safe and effective for the general public. There is much the FDA does not know about this vaccine even if it was authorized for emergency use.

In light of recent data concerning the numbers of individuals who have either died or suffered debilitating illnesses after being inoculated with the mRNA vaccine we have to remember when vaccines of the past remember the Swine Flu vaccine caused sufficient numbers of adverse side effects and even death they were suspended outright. What is actually being hidden or not is the fact that too many after they have been inoculated have come down with very serious side effects or died. How many travesties doe it take before we realize just what the hell is going on with not only our health but our freedoms as well.

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