General Characteristics of Plasma Televisions

Alma L. Figueroa

Televisions have been around for ages it seems and as time has progressed, so have the designs, models, features and general characteristics permit plasma televisions to display brighter colours, typically a minimum of 1,000 lux and higher. A brightness factor ensures that every hue present in whatever is being viewed can be thoroughly enjoyed by viewers.

Another general characteristic of note is power consumption. Plasma TVs are not all alike and the amount of power that one consumes depends on the picture content that is on the screen at the time. As a result, a 50 inch screen can consume 400 watts on a regular basis under typical viewing circumstances.

The thickness of one is often less than 4 inches (10 centimetres). This characteristic reflects on the fact that the screen or panel portion of the plasma television is usually no more than 2.5 inches (6 centimetres). The reduction in space necessary to have a plasma TV makes it convenient to include one in an existing entertainment center or other location in a home or commercial establishment. Plasma television screens at the largest sizes are often the preference for football arenas, providing crowds with some of the most spectacular views for replays and instant close up action.

Plasma screens are designed from glass. This is so that they can reflect more like than other types of televisions. To avoid glare from the glass by objects in the viewing area that can be reflected on the screen, many manufacturers place a filter on the screen that provides an anti-glare surface. Giving people the best possible viewing options is essential for occasions where groups are gathered to watch television such as for sporting events, breaking news and television specials. The better the view, the longer people may stay, which is beneficial for businesses that want patrons to enjoy the atmosphere.

Many of the general characteristics of plasma televisions help people to narrow down their decision making process because these characteristics are notable features that make these types of televisions worth their cost. Combined with competitive pricing and ready availability, there are quite a few advantages to considering plasma televisions as a next television purchase. The choice to wall mount plasma televisions not only is fashionable but makes it enjoyable for people to view from virtually any point in screen range. Also, contrast ratios with some of the richest blacks available for television technology add to the list of general characteristics that make plasma televisions an excellent purchase decision.

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