How to Download Spotify Songs In Mp3 Or Listen To Them Offline

Alma L. Figueroa

Spotify is a streaming music service that, in case you didn’t know, allows you to download music. Of course, you have to be a premium user and the files are not saved either on your computer or on your mobile, but what it allows is to activate the option of having access Spotify to MP3 songs without an internet connection or coverage.

This makes it easy to listen to songs from any playlist without having to be connected to the Internet, which is ideal for places with poor coverage, where there is no WiFi signal and thus you do not have to use your connection data. But as we say, you have an important limitation: You cannot use the songs outside of Spotify. You will not be able to use them as a background in your videos set them as a ringtone or set them as alarms as a mobile alarm.

To be able to do all that, you should be able to extract them from the app and convert them into mp3, a practice that is considered illegal by Spotify and to which when you created your account on the streaming service you gave acceptance, since you accepted the terms of the service. If you want to do this, you will have to use a third-party app. Next we will teach you how to activate the Spotify to MP3 download function for local use without coverage and how to convert them into mp3 if you want to do it, of course, at your own risk.

-Download music from Spotify: if you are a premium user you can have access to downloading music from Spotify without problem. However, in this option you will not be able to convert them into mp3. Only the songs will be stored on the computer and you will be able to listen to them on it without having an Internet connection or mobile coverage.

To achieve this you must open Spotify (this step by step works for mobiles, computers and tablets), find the song you want and add it to a playlist. Go to your personal Spotify library and click on the playlist you want. Then, press the button located in the upper right corner, which will activate the download option. Wait a few minutes until the process is complete and you will automatically have the songs on your computer to listen to without the need for connection or coverage.

In this step the download remains active, to deactivate it, you must do the same route to deactivate this option that takes up space and memory or because you simply no longer want to listen to that playlist, which you can change.

Download Spotify Music to MP3: Natively Spotify does not have an option to convert the music in the playlist to MP3. For this you must use third-party tools that allow it. Within the clauses of the platform, as we have already warned you, this is illegal. In addition, it is a torrent-like music download process, which can include advertisements or malicious files.


However, if you want to take the risk, you can install, for example, a program called AllToMp3, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Once installed, open Spotify, find a song and click on «Share» and «Copy link». Find the program, paste the link and press Enter. The system automatically downloads the song in MP3. Repeat the process with all the songs you want and order them on your computer.

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