Live-City Webcams Show The Ongoing Ukraine-Russia War. Here Are The Links To Watch It!

Alma L. Figueroa

As a concerned Indian citizen in New Delhi, I’ve been live-watching – the dreaded air-raid sirens go off over the Ukrainian capital Kiyv each night, quiet streets of Ukrainian cities under curfew, intense gunfire in distance, and dangerous artillery fires lighting the night-skies over Ukraine.

Live streaming from ukraine

For 3 days now, thousands of kilometres from Ukraine, anxious & curious global citizens go online and watch live city-webcams installed across Ukraine. For the sake of the nostalgic, romantic and touristic global citizen, live city webcams on internet have been a phenomenon for more than a decade. 

Today, unfortunately, I and scores of global citizens are using the webcam feeds to witness the unfolding of a significant armed incursion. Viewers are exchanging views in the live-chats to these video feeds. Some brave and internet savvy citizens of Ukraine have also stepped in, beaming continuous live footage of their city from their rooftop.

Live streaming from ukraine

By the second day of the conflict, geeks from across the world had started to systematically compile several of these live-videos in a single feed telecast almost like a CCTV surveillance video, over platforms like YouTube and other video-streaming websites. 

Like everything, it has its own reliability issues – coming from an active conflict zone. The feeds cut and come back randomly – outed by internet or electricity outages, done on-purpose in night-time to darken the city before possible air-raids.

Live streaming from ukraine

Before you check out some feeds that I’ve compiled, please do remember – this is a war situation, and countless human lives are at stake. We watch the feeds because we’re concerned and consider all wars as bad. Remember – tragedy is not a binge-watch entertainment.


Compilation of Live Camera feeds from Kiyv Ucrânia

Live-stream from Kyiv cameras

Live Maidan square in Kyiv

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