Man to eat Taco Bell for 30 days to find if fast food can be healthy

Alma L. Figueroa

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ/Grey Information) – A Virginia gentleman programs to consume all 3 of his day-to-day foods at Taco Bell for 30 days to see if quickly foods can be excellent for you.

Sam Reid, a articles creator and College of Virginia graduate, is gearing up for a “super-sized” job starting this Sunday. In 2016, the athlete-turned-filmmaker go through an short article boasting that Taco Bell was a person of the healthiest speedy foods restaurants.

“I am environment out to consume 30 days straight of absolutely nothing but Taco Bell in an attempt to see if I can actually come to be healthier whilst performing it,” he mentioned. “I’ll do a few meals a day, so a full of 90 meals, and I am heading to abide by the rule that for the duration of the thirty day period I have to try to eat each individual solitary item on the menu at least when.”

Through his experiment, Reid is striving to discover out if quickly meals can actually assist you “Live Mas.” He desires to improve the way folks communicate about food, WDBJ reports.

“My speculation is that healthful speedy meals can basically assistance you turn out to be healthier,” he explained. “I really don’t assume it’s so a lot about the style of foods or the brand name of foodstuff, but it’s about building healthy and knowledgeable possibilities when we try to eat.”

Reid will take a look at a number of physicians through the experiment to observe his health.

“The factors that I’m measuring are not just fat. I’m actually measuring p.c body fats, cholesterol, sodium, blood stress, and I’ll be executing some physical fitness checks as properly to see if I can sustain my stage of actual physical exercise,” he stated.

Reid set alongside one another a Kickstarter marketing campaign to fund his hard work and will transform the total knowledge into an online documentary this slide.

“I assume a great deal of persons concentrate on a few quantities like excess weight, energy in, energy out, sensation like they will need to gain the food items that they try to eat. The target is to begin a dialogue about possessing a balanced romance with our foods,” he stated. “I hope that normalizes the way we converse about food items, and I consider that would be truly valuable for individuals to not demonize what they eat or glorify seeking a specific way.”

The experiment will get underway July 24 and conclude Aug. 22.

If his Kickstarter reaches $1,500, Reid will close his 30-day challenge at the Flagship Taco Bell Cantina on the Las Vegas Strip.

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