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Alma L. Figueroa
How to Increase Your Business' Brand Awareness - Balance Marketing Group

Many businesses sell similar products and offer the same services, so ensuring a company stands out from the rest is essential to make sure the company does well. There is much competition between companies, so brand visibility is one way to ensure a business stands out from the rest. Brand visibility is important because it means more people are seeing the brand and thus using it. Hence, the company is growing in popularity and making more money. Sites have been created to collect reviews. For example, one can read Chic Me reviews or other company reviews at Reviewsbird to see what the public says about various companies. 

Brand visibility

Brand visibility is how the brand is available to its target audience. For example, are the advertisements and news of the products or services reaching the target market it is intended for sufficiently? One way a company can improve brand visibility is through reviews. Of course, positive reviews can be left on most websites themselves. However, people have recognized the importance of reviews and created websites solely for this purpose. Websites like ReviewsBird are an example of this. On ReviewsBird, one can look up various businesses and read reviews on the products and services offered. Once the customer has read this information, they can decide whether to use that specific company or not. Should a company be on ReviewsBird, with positive reviews, it will increase brand visibility because when someone is reading reviews about another business, the chances of one’s own company popping up in the listing is high, tempting someone to view this business instead.   

Why do people value reviews?

Reviews provide objective feedback about products and services the businesses offer. People value one another’s feedback, and because one is a creature of habit, the likelihood of rereading a review before making a purchase is enormous. In addition, people love others’ opinions and are influenced by what others say, as people are competitive creatures and want to be bigger and better than others. Hence people are drawn to reviews, which hold power to persuade the public. In the same way, the company values platforms like ReviewsBird as one will be able to identify what areas of the business are thriving and where the owner can make an improvement. 

Let the reviews roll on in.

Encourage customers to leave reviews by sending out emails asking for them, creating a space on the website with the products and sections for comments, sending out links, and offering incentives to the public, such as if you complete a review/survey on the company, one may enter one into a lucky draw to win a prize. Informing customers about the existing review sites, such as ReviewsBird, will make customers want to read reviews before shopping and making purchases. Once the customers are persuaded into reading reviews, it is only a matter of time before they start leaving reviews. Remember that a good review has the power to improve business drastically, but a negative review holds the ability to break a company. So before pushing for reviews, ensure that your business is living up to what they promise. 

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