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Alma L. Figueroa

Many people say you can enhance your quality of life through routine massages.  

Phenicia West, the owner of Massage Essential Time, joined us on Studio10 to tell us about how massage can be therapeutic and helpful.  

Here’s some information she shared with us about her business:

My name is Phenicia West, I’m the owner and licensed massage therapist at  Massage Essential Time. I help clients discover, through massage therapy, that  investing in Me Time is an asset to their life, health, and self care. Massage Essential  Time, located in Daphne, AL on highway 98 has availability for clients  Monday-Saturday. My passion and drive is to help clients with their journey to a  better quality of life, by encouraging clients to help improve their health through  massage therapy, an active lifestyle, and healthy eating habits.     “Preserve your health, it’s easier than curing a disease.”    Educating the community on the benefits of utilizing massage therapy as a holistic  source can be used by any age, and gender. Helping to fade away negativity, pain,  stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Naturally release natural endorphins,  improve athletic performance, increase mobility and range of motion, are just a few  benefits to be mentioned.    Client consulting is provided to help clients understand the importance of Me Time  and Self care, and how it impacts specific areas of their life. During this time I’m able  to introduce, or reinforce different areas of fitness, as well as healthy eating habits.  We’re able to come up with treatment goals to help give them encouragement,  motivation, and a foundation to start with when they have no idea where to start,  but want a healthier lifestyle.    “A healthy outside starts from the inside.”    Many people are looking for holistic alternatives to help them avoid, or cut down  prescription medication, surgery, frequent visits to the doctor for back pain, and pain  management. Massage therapy can’t solve all problems, however it can be a great  complementary treatment to other treatment options. Combining massage therapy  with fitness, healthy eating, stress management, and the right therapist with  knowledge in those areas can help enhance your life significantly.  

My company’s goal is to make sure our clients well-being is top priority. Investing in  massage therapy with Massage Essential Time isn’t a luxury, it’s providing a healthy  lifestyle change. ME TIME, and self care should be consistent in your life, “An empty  lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”

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