Use Suffixes For Cheap Domain Name Registrar

Alma L. Figueroa

The best web domain names are often taken or expensive. The cheapest domains, on the other hand, are not always effective. If you want to enjoy cheap domain name registrar, adding a suffix can turn a highly popular domain into a low cost domain name for your website.

Top Suffixes for Private Domain Registration

To help you get started, here are some of the most popular and commonly used suffixes that you can include in your domain name.


When people hear the word ‘central’, the mind generally envisions with a professional place where all their essential needs are met. It’s for this reason that most websites add the word ‘central’ to their preferred web domain. Other similar suffixes include house, depot, spot, base, and site.


If your online business is related in any way to technology or the Internet then the word ‘portal’ would make a great suffix. Your target market is no doubt well-versed with terminology in these fields and they’ll immediately understand why you’ve used ‘portal’ in your web domain name. Others may not understand, but they’re unlikely to be part of your target market and thus, their opinions are mostly irrelevant. Indeed, in this case, you derive one of the essential rules for buying domain names. Always choose words that speak your target market’s language and they’re sure to find interesting. Words like ‘camp’ and ‘garden’ can also work as great suffixes as long as they’re used for the appropriate website.


The word ‘now’ is a simple but effective suffix for web domain names because of two major reasons. Firstly, it connotes a sense of urgency or a speedy process. Consider businesses that offer insurance and loans. When the word ‘now’ is included in their domain name, readers can’t help but think that these websites may offer a quicker way to obtaining what they want. Secondly, the word ‘now’ can be considered synonymous to anything current or new. This is essential when your business depends on the latest trends like fashion or news sites where the latest reports are always of interest.


When you use the word ‘talk’ in your domain, people will always expect an interactive feature. This could be provided by way of forums, chat rooms, chat boxes, or even any platform that allows people to post their comments. Similar words that connote the same idea include ‘voice’, ‘share’, ‘speak’, ‘cafe’, ‘connect’, or even ‘board’. With these suffixes, we hope you’ve found the best words to help you register domain names cheap.

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