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Alma L. Figueroa
11 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Bra Size and Fit | SELF

Surveys show that almost 80% 0f women wear the wrong bra sizes. If your bra does not fit you, the chances are that you will not be comfortable in your clothes. Although science has provided 3-D scanners that are used to shape bras nowadays, not everyone has access to it. Before you give up in despair, you can use a tape measure and a handy calculator to measure your bra size.

However, you should know that the idea that the bigger a bra is the better for you is wrong. The sizes of bra cups are not the same as the size of your breasts, rather the difference between your rib cage and breast size. Studies have further shown that those who have larger breasts often make mistakes in choosing bra sizes. Wearing wrong bra sizes leads to pains in the chest and breast and bra irritation. However, wrong bra sizes do not cause breast cancer. Here are tips on how to get the right bra size:

Look for firm or elastic bands

Most of the bra support comes from the band, so if the band is loose, your bra will be loose as well. The bra straps only help to shape your breast and make the bra cups parallel to your body. This is why there can be strapless bras. You can remove your bra straps if the band and cup fit together and your bra will stay in place comfortably. In most cases, you should be able to find this type of bra at fashion women clothes companies such as Brayola.

Know your size and your sister size

Just like for every other notorious clothing item, you should know your actual bra size and the one close to it. Bras have wide variations and your regular size might not fit you well, and your sister size will. There is a rule of thumb to follow when choosing bra sizes: when the band size is higher, the cup size is lower and vice versa.  For instance, if you are a 32C, you could fit into a 30D or 34B as well, while a 34C may fit into a 36b or a 32D. Once you know your sister’s size, you will be able to accommodate the slight differences among brands. Also, it is a good resource to fall back on if you cannot find your actual size.

Know the equation for your band and cup size

Most women do not know their bra size, but it is really easy to calculate. Your bra size is the combination of your cup measurements and band size. The cup measurements are lettered AA –M while the band size starts from 28 to 44. You can get a professional bra fitting service at a boutique if you feel you need it. However, you can save some money and measure yourself at home. You will need to measure twice; around your back and under your bust for the band size, and around your back over your nipples for the cup size. Then, you will get the difference. For instance, if your bust is 35 inches and your rib cage is 32, you are a 32C because the difference between 35 and 32 is 3, which is the same as C in the alphabet.

Round up different sizes

It is okay for one breast to be bigger than the other. However, if the difference is large, it can make your shopping complicated. Experts suggest that you look for a bra that fits the larger breast and pad the smaller breast by adding a bra cutlet or removing the pads on the big side to provide an even appearance.

Get bras with good straps

If you are wearing a strapped bra, ensure the straps are not suffocating or loose. Snug bra straps are the best. If you find that the straps are digging into your skins, that could mean the cups are too small for your breasts or your band is too loose, thereby putting all the support work on your straps. On the other hand, if your bra straps slip, it is a sign that your breasts do not fill the cups of the bra.

Get different bras

Experts recommend that you have different bras for different purposes. You should have at least two conventional-style bras in black or in your skin tone, a sports bra that helps to keep your bra firm during physical activities such as yoga, running, Pilates, etc., a convertible bra, a non-underwire bralette, etc. Also, the material of your bra matters. If you have sensitive skin, you should go for a softer fabric.

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