Happy National Middle Child Day! Share your family photos with us

Alma L. Figueroa

Happy National Middle Child Day! We want to see photos and videos of you and your siblings!

CLEVELAND — If you have the pleasure of being a middle child, you know it’s a very special, and often thankless, club to be a part of, which is exactly why someone had the good sense to create National Middle Child Day.

As a middle child myself (love you, Jason and Matt!), I can tell you it takes a special kind of person to appreciate being the middle child. You’re not the oldest, so you don’t get to be the “first” anything for your loving parents, and you’re not the baby of the family, so you don’t get to be the treasured “last chance” at anything either. 

But you do get to occupy that sweet middle spot, where your parents hopefully started to get things a little bit more figured out, and everything finally starts to feel just right.

For all of these reasons, you deserve a day to celebrate you. And since you wouldn’t be the middle child without your older and younger siblings, we also want to celebrate them, too. (I know, that’s such a classic middle child thing to have to deal with!)

We want to see photos of you and your siblings, so share them with us and we may use them on our 5 p.m. show, “What’s New,” and on wkyc.com

You can submit photos and videos through ‘Near Me’ on the WKYC app, by texting a picture to (216) 344-3300 or posting a photo in the comments on this Facebook post.

To use our ‘Near Me’ feature on the WKYC app, watch digital anchor Stephanie Haney walk you through it in the video below, or read on for step-by-step instructions.

All you have to do is open the app, tap on ‘Near Me’ in the bottom right corner, and tap on ‘Share with us’ when the map pops up.

From there, you can select your photo or video right from your phone, write a short description so we know what we’re looking at, and hit submit.

When your submission has gone through, you’ll see the word ‘Success’ pop up in the app, and you’ll know it’s been sent to us and is awaiting review by our team.

We can’t wait to celebrate you and your siblings, and share your stories with the rest of Northeast Ohio!

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