What Travel Nursing Jobs in Virginia has to Offer?

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There’s nothing more exciting than to be able to travel to places, but work won’t allow it. What if you will be given the opportunity to travel and work at the same time, wonderful isn’t it? Travel nursing jobs in Virginia made this possible for nurses who want to explore the world. Travel nursing jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs nowadays due to this pandemic.

Manpower in medical facilities has experienced a shortage, therefore, travel nurses are needed in every corner of the world. Travel nurse jobs have made it possible to distribute nurses to where they are needed. Get excellent salaries with travel nursing jobs in Virginia. Here are some questions being asked regarding Travel Nursing Jobs.

How Much Does a Travel Nurse Earn?

The average rate for travel nurses in Virginia starts at $3,000 weekly and more. Earnings depend on the specialization of travel nurses so pay can go up. Moreover, bonuses can be given depending on the performance. Location is also another factor on how much travel nurses can earn (i.e., nurses working in the metropolitan area can earn more). Apart from the salary other benefits are also provided;

  • Referral Bonus 

If you know a nurse who would also work and have an adventure as a travel nurse, you can refer them and get a fee for doing so. This is one way to encourage more nurses to work as a travel nurse. It will be great if you can work and travel with your friends who are also nurses and even get paid for helping them get a job. 

  • Disability and Life Insurance 

   Each nurse deserves insurance, especially with their type of job. Having insurance while working away from home is a big benefit just in case unexpected events happen.  Your safety and security matter a lot that’s why travel nurse agencies offer these benefits to all who apply under them.  

How Long Does a Nurse Have to Work in Each Facility?

Thirteen weeks is the standard assignment period for each travel nurse in Virginia. But this can vary depending on your agreement with the travel nurse agency. Some may have longer assignment periods. What’s good about this is, you can extend your assignment in the same place. Travel agencies are also responsible for seeking your next assignment. This is beneficial for nurses who want to have continuous work every time their assignment ends.  

Do you Accept Newly Graduate Nurses?

One year of experience is required to be qualified as a travel nurse. Experience is a good credential for nurses. The more experience they have, the more knowledge they have on handling patients as well as using health equipment and facilities. Work experience in any health facility is counted. 

Do they Provide Accommodation?

Yes. Since travel nurses would be away from their homes, travel nurse agencies provide housing for their travel nurses because they want their nurses to feel at home. Housing is made sure that it is fully furnished and comfortable enough so nurses can rest well during their breaks. Adapting to a new environment is one concern for people who work outside their residences. Having a good place to stay can help them adjust faster and an option to find your own place is also available. You can search for your own accommodation and just receive a housing stipend to assist you in paying your rent. 

Can I Get a Time Off If I’m Working as a Travel Nurse?

What travel nurses usually do is get time off after each assignment. Since each assignment lasts for 8 to 13 weeks, you can ask the travel agency to give you free time before assigning you to your next destination or assignment. During this time off, you can have the chance to explore Virginia, to go have relaxing moments on their beaches, and release your energy by hiking on mountains. 

Travel nursing jobs in Virginia can offer nurses all these benefits to help them grow professionally as well as exploring the state at the same time. Work and pleasure can be possible if you choose to be a travel nurse. Be part of healing the world by starting to work as a travel nurse in Virginia then to the next destination.  

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